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How to Prevent Damage on A Septic Tank

How to Prevent Damage on A Septic Tank

A septic tank tells a lot about the sanitation condition and habits of a home. A good septic tank that is maintained and not damaged can serve a family for many years. It is up to the homeowners to take care of the septic tank to ensure that it is in good condition.

There are a number of ways that you can prevent damage to your septic tank.

1. Make sure not to clog your system.

The items that cause blockage in your system include solid and liquid materials such as diapers, sanitary towels, strings, cat litter, dead animals and other materials that should be disposed of differently.

2. Have your septic tank inspected every 2 years.

This is important so that you are able to know that your septic tank, as well as the drainage system, is in good condition. You can hire a company for this.

3. Drain or pump out the contents regularly as necessary.

This depends on how many you are in the family or the size of your tank. The professionals will guide you as to how frequently you should do this.

4. Make sure these damaging fluids do not end up in your septic tank.

Household chemicals should not end up in the septic tank. Detergents and other laundry chemicals are not harmful in normal amounts but that should be it. The addition of gasoline, pesticides, too much bleach, paint and other types of fluids are dangerous for your tank.

5. Rainwater should be drained away from the septic tank.

This is to avoid filling too quickly.

6. Make sure your septic system has a drain field for the waste water.

This also ensures also that the system is efficient and does not fill too quickly. It is also a healthier option to separate the wastes.



7. Use efficient washing machines and dishwashers only.

This also ensures that not too much water ends up in the septic tank.

8. Make sure to completely close all the faucets in the house when not in use.

Avoid overusing and misusing water in the home.

9. In the case of any septic tank issues, contact the company that helps you to manage the system immediately.

Have a person who regularly checks your septic tank and is in a position to tell when it needs extra attention. More preferably, a professional from the company you hire

10. Do not damage the drain field by driving or parking or planting trees in the soil.

You should only plant grass on your drain field so as to prevent damage of the pipes in it by trees. Driving vehicles on it could also potentially cause damage.

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